Vocabulary Building/ Word Study
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BUSD Grade Level Academic Vocabulary Grade level lists of general academic words.
Word Sense Me is a dictionary, thesaurus, and valuable tool for matching thoughts to words like never before.

Flocabulary (Paid) Educational hip hop meeting common core standards using songs and videos to engage students.

Move your tired old 'copy the definition in your notebook' activity to a more rigorous and relevant lesson with Trading Cards. Trading cards engage students with in- depth word study including synonyms, antonyms, inquiry questions, associations, connections and more. They can then share it with classmates with Dropbox or the Instashare app.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 6.01.08 PM.pngTrading Cards on ReadWriteThink - See ideas on ReadWriteThink.org

Select a category for your card

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Complete as directed by following the 'Guiding Questions'

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Now students can trade their card and collect classmates' cards using the the Instashare or Dropbox app.

instashare.jpg Instashare (Free) Let's you send information ( videos and photos) over the air to anyone running the app near you.