Collaborative Research

Units should be more collaborative and include a synthesis of resources and information.
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Sample Lesson with Rigor and Relevance:
As student's learn about Ancient Greece they are placed into expert groups based upon on their interests.

KWHL Charts:
K-What I Know
  • Teacher creates a Padlet board to assess prior knowledge. Students share what they already know or remember about the given topic by posting to the Padlet board.
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Using Padlet, QR Codes and iPads, Oh My!- Blog showing primary example of padlet being used.

W- Want to Know
  • The teacher introduces the "Essential 'Messy' Question"
    • Focus the Big Idea to what is relevant to the student. Provide provocative questions that foster inquiry, understanding, and transfer of learning. (Connects Content Standards and Concepts to 21st Century Themes and Skills)
    • Students choose and post a topic they would like to learn more about. Expert groups are formed from these choices.Want.png

H-How I will learn
  • Teacher and students create driving questions for their topic together
  • Teacher creates a shared resource for expert groups with tasks and links to embedded online sites such as gooru and instaGrok.
  • Using Google Drive or Evernote for collaboration during the research phase.

google drive.jpgEvernote-1xyufgh.jpg

  • Students continue to add links and resources to the Padlet board (or other shared resource that the teacher made available) so that other students can access for research.A free search engine for learning

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Research, customize and share. Create a concept map for them to do research. Through instaGrok Easybib creates a bibliography and asks guiding questions to assess a sites credibility. Can be exported to GoogleDrive.

L- What I learned
  • Showcase what students learned by posting their final products to the last Padlet board. Other methods to publish student work include Edmodo, Kidblog, QR Codes, etc. Final products can be shared beyond the walls of the classroom too!
    Kidblog Visitor Stats
    • Padlet is a fun way to share because students can leave comments or post clarifying questions for each other to answer.

Which quadrant is this final product in and why?
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Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 8.43.22 PM.png Tools for student-centered learning

Visual thinking tool